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In your eagerness, please do not just jump onto the advertisement bandwagon to increase your sales. A lot of publishers fall for the ploy and put up a good advertisement on a poor website without realizing the damage this practice may cause to their brand value. Every visitor to a badly selected mediocre website will form a picture of your company based on the appearance and the performance of that website. Strategically positioning your advertisements to increase your website traffic, storefront traffic and generating sales includes multiple important decisions. As such, it’s important that you choose the best website to put your ads on. Keep in mind that a good ad (even at a comparatively low price) on a poor website is worse than not publishing your website at all.

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What is Filmyduniya ?

Filmyduniya aspires to be India’s premiere Bollywood, music and glamour news website. Filmyduniya is an idea which intends to take a major role in the development process of entertainment and glamour industry by disseminating entertainment to it’s very relevant visitors. Within a few days of its launch, Filmyduniya has become a fountainhead for Bollywood lovers all over the world who are interested in entertainment unlimited.

How does putting my advertisement on Filmyduniya help me?
We strongly believe that Filmyduniya is the place to advertise your products and services to customers across demographics. We offer excellent value to your marketing spend by combining huge site traffic with surprisingly low rates. Let us know where else can you reach a global audience for your products and services at a very reasonable cost?
Following are some options available for our advertisers:

  •    Create brand awareness
  •    Build corporate image
  •    Generate traffic for retailing
  •    Database marketing to targeted audience
  •    Generate leads for your products
  •    Direct sales
  •    Enlist global audience for a fixed cost