Avantika University considering NIFT exam for admissions to Fashion design courses

Avantika University fashion design program has been a pioneer in producing industry professionals. The Design Aptitude test( DAT)  has been conducted all this while for fashion design courses. However the management is planning to include the NIFT exam as well for admisions.


Avantika University  is a private, cross-disciplinary university based in UjjainMadhya Pradesh, India. It has been described as India’s first design university.[1] The university is supported by Maharashtra Institute of Technology‘s Institute of Design and will begin offering bachelor’s and master’s courses in design in 2017. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive programs in design, technology and architecture. The campus spreads over 1300,000 sq. ft, with academic, administrative, residential, sports and convention space. It also holds contemporary design studios, labs, and lecture theaters. High-speed digital connectivity, online libraries, interactive classrooms, and data centers are also available on campus.

The Bachelor of Design is a four-year (8 semesters) full-time residential program with an integrated cross-disciplinary approach. The duration of the course is 4 years( 8 semesters).

The NIFT Exam is a national level entrance examination which is organized by the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai in the major cities of the country. This exam is a perfect gateway to get admission in different UG and PG professional programmes in fashion technology & design field. For admissions in NIFT courses, firstly candidates have to clear the written entrance exam and after that candidates have to go through the situation test/ group discussion/ personal interview rounds. Entrance exams to all courses offered at NIFT will be taken in two phases. Phase One (PBT I) of the examinations will comprise of the first round of paper based tests. Phase Two of the examinations will comprise of the second round of tests which could either be paper based (PBT II) or computer based (CBT), depending upon the particular course. Negative marks of 0.25 are deducted for every wrong answer.


The management has decided to consider NIFT for admissions to fashion design course at Avantika University citing a rise in applications. Also the NIFT is a more standardized test when compared to DAT and the students also will have the luxury to attend a single test. The decision of NIFT being considered for admissions will turn out to be a game changer for Avantika University is what the management feels.

An Outline On Router Table

There are a whole lot of woodworking operations a router desk can take care of.Moreover, the kinds of router bits are also very various strictly designed for a router table. As considerable alternatives for a router desk, locating the excellent router desk in your assignment, consequently, depends lots to your ability level, finances and woodworking style.Take a deeper understanding about them and make a proper choice earlier than executing any wooden initiatives.

Router table

The router table is not complex gadget. It has the floor of a ordinary desk.But, there is a woodworking router mounted beneath vertically orientated spinning at speeds normally among 3000 and 24,000 rpm. The installed router usually used for router table is stationary or fixed base router. The router protrudes upwards thru a hole of the table.The maximum seen characteristic of a router table is that an awesome fence is generally geared up with it so that person can push a board proper across the bit. This is the advantage of a router desk over the hand held router as you may use it to position the workpiece into the cutting side. Your palms are also free from controlling the hand-held router to get extra control over the timber, specifically small elements. Router desk also often has a miter music to apply a miter gauge. There may be many features in some routers adjusted to make it become more beneficial. As an instance, there are some router tables with designed potential to adjust the height of the bit however the routers are not eliminated from the tables. Simply honestly free the lock to reveal the bit more or much less at your need. It’s miles very handy to look it as it’s far above the table and you can regulate it from below. While it’s miles the right top, you restore the router again to the table and function the routing. Router table also with a fit in it, then you may take advantage out of it to make go reduce jigs.

There are a few features you have to remember before determining to purchase a router table:

Flat and Stable Pinnacle
flat-TopThe top of a router desk have to be absolutely flat because it’s miles extremely critical in terms of precision in many operations which include cutting joinery or treating aspect. Uneven floor provides more troubles for woodworkers. Furthermore, the surface additionally wishes to be rigid to support the router and plate or router raise weight and convey correct operations as there is continually a difficult stress in feeding wooden. If it isn’t inflexible enough, it is able to break the edge or molding.

Flat and Inflexible Plate
The plate of the bottom should be strong and big as it supports router weight and sit stage with the floor of the desk. Consequently, being flat and leveled up is two critical factor of the bottom plate of a router desk. The produced first-class from the function of the desk is substantially impacted by way of the base plate. Generally, people prefer to select stable phenolic and machined aluminum.

Miter and T-Slots
facing responsibilities referring to miter gauge like cutting across a slender timber piece, it’s far necessary to have a miter slot fixed on a router desk. It additionally allows to relaxed featherboards and other accessories. In some router tables, manufacturers frequently restore T-slots in extraordinary locations additionally to relaxed featherboards, stops and other common attachments. The vicinity is the the front surface of the fence. Or other locations additionally may be covered. When it is needed, a slot will permit attachment of a flip forestall or a couple of maintain-down easy clamp.

Accurate and Easy-To-Position Fence

There’s a variety of fences ranging otherwise in phrases of quality and functionality. The fence of a router table is only a extraordinary lumber piece clamped to the table floor. Accurate fences rely on these functions: immediately, rectangular and rigid. Additionally they want to be easy to place and could not shift whilst it’s miles locked down. You can see the 2 not unusual fences sorts inside the market: one-piece fence and -piece or cut up fence.

Bosch Router Table Review :


It’s far dangerous to paintings on an unsteady base. The router spins at a quick speed, so it’s miles crucial to keep the timber piece strong with the cutter and the desk need to no longer wobble or shift throughout the technique. If now not, there may be a number of damage and the cuts can not be easy and crisp. A router desk base desires attaching securely and supported nicely so the shifting and vibration are reduced to a minimal. A few manufacturers favor to choose metallic to make stands that is more portable because of its light weight and lots extra stable.

Cheap L Shape Computer Desks: Be Careful – You Get What You Pay For So Shop Smart

Everyone likes to save a buck or two wherever they can. Some things shouldn’t be scrimped on, though, and computer desks are one of them. Cheap computer desks, while attractively low priced, rarely stand the test of time. If you plan on actually sitting at and using your desk on a regular basis, an extremely cheap one will probably end up letting you down by falling apart or looking very cheap in very little time. Although it may be tempting to look for cheap computer desks, you need to be realistic and remember that a great deal might be for something that will be in the trash heap in less than a year.


Smart Ways To Find L Shape Desks

As a general rule, it is best to avoid cheap computer desks that are made primarily out of plywood or other similar materials. These are usually what the real “bargain basement” models are made out of and they are the ones that usually fall apart the fastest. Shopping at reputable retailers with knowledgeable sales staff can help you avoid purchasing poorly made, low quality desks – but you have to know where those places are. If you have a particular model in mind, you could try searching online for deals; simply plug the model name and number into any popular search engine to begin your search for the best computer desks.

Cheap: Inexpensive Or Poorly Made?

There are two basic meanings for the word “cheap”; one refers to something that is very poorly made – cheap computer desks, in this instance, would be ones made out of low quality materials and designed with poor construction. The other meaning of “cheap” is “thrifty” or “inexpensive,” and in that case cheap computer desks would refer to desks that are incredibly low priced or perhaps even on sale. Your goal should always to to find desks that are typically rather pricey, but that go on sale regularly enough to allow you to get a good deal on one. Savvy shoppers can learn how to be on the lookout for cheap computer desks and find some real bargains.

Invest In Quality

Unless you run into a spectacular sale – or find someone who is willing to sell a nice desk to you for a steal – you should probably plan on spending a little bit of money when buying a desk. Cheap computer desks are alluring, but they ultimately end up falling apart and simply don’t offer the kind of quality to make it a genuine “good deal.” By spending a little bit of extra money, you can find a desk that will complement your home’s existing decor, be comfortable to sit at on a regular basis – and that will last for you and your family for years to come.



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